Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its the B12 Vitamins. I Swear!

My January ROCKED! 

While I was in LA I asked a friend of mine what his NewYears Resolution was. 

"I don't have a resolution. I have a Theme..." he says in an endearingly superior and meticulous way. 

and that is...

"Focus and Breathe in the New Energy."

So imagine how shallow I felt when I had just told him my resolution was to get 5 Million Dollars.  I'm not sure what my back up plan would be if this isn't the year my fantastic self gets discovered. Rob a bank? Marry a rich douche bag?) I'm just thankful he didn't say something like, "Reach out to others more and make the world a better place."

So ultimately I'm stealing his theme for my own good. 

And I am feeling fantastic, grounded and balanced and more consistently focused than, well, ever. And whether its this profound New Years Theme which is infiltrating my new energy, or my trip to LA or my recent advisement to overdose on B12 Vitamin supplements (which is most likely the case. Seriously. Its like being on a stimulant medication or two cups of coffee without the jitters. If any of you feel like you are going A.D.D. crazy take them!)

 Or maybe its my 30 day eating habits consisting of no cheese, alcohol, bread, sugar, dairy, processed foods, or fruit. Don't be jealous!! Ok its not too bad. You know, I like rice. I eat a lot of almonds. And Thai food.  I'm getting really, really sick of having eggs or plain oatmeal in the morning. I'm not going to lie. And I cheat a lot. I just can't give up chocolate. Hey, you know, its that time of month, my body isn't getting what it really needs so I have to make sacrifices... ladies you understand. 

Ok. Anyway. Seeing as this is NOT a blog about medical advisement or natural path remedies, I will now talk about something more profound like... MY HAIR.

So here I am at yet another show with L'Oreal- a local show in New York. And here is my stylist Kristjan, who I also worked with in San Fransicso and Seattle .  


And then, remember that fight video I did way back when? Well, I got back together with Andrew Dasz to shoot some still photos with lifestyle photographer Jeremy Harris . Here are my two favorite shots:

The rest of the month I have been fortunate to be going on about two castings a day on average. I was feeling good about this until the other day when I went on one high end casting and all the models who looked about 17 years old were talking about how they went on 10-15 castings that day. (And the jealously and insecurity rises....) But WHATEVER. I've booked a few things for the upcoming Fashion Week and hopefully more in the next several days.   

And as far as acting goes, I got contacted from a producer I did a three week casting director workshop with 2 years ago while I was still living in LA (So these things do work sometimes!) So it looks as if I may be getting to audition for an action film. 

And I started class at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Yay!! Gonna get my funny on... 

I've had too much coffee today. I think it may be kind of obvious in my written words.... Anyway. B12 supplements. Take them.