Monday, July 12, 2010

China Here I Come!!!!

So I will be standing only miles away from this in a few short days


You don't understand. I've been wanting to go to Asia FOREVER. And now I get to live there for two months!!

It all happened so fast. I was having dinner with two of my good friends on June 1.  I mentioned how I wanted to leave New York for a little while and that maybe I should just book a ticket to somewhere in Asia and try to model.  

My first friend tells me her modeling scout would help place me somewhere with an agency and my second friend offered to watch my cat.  And then my first friend again tells me she knows a girl who needs a room in New York for two months.  

So it just goes to show that when the timing is right, sometimes all you need to do is say what you want out loud and everything will fall into place.

Not to imply that the past several weeks has been an easy ride.  I've been STRESSING. And I'm generally a person who can handle stressful situations pretty well.  I gave up my apartment right away and the scout was having a hard time placing me because, as I have discovered, Chinese clients don't prefer models with red or short hair (so now my hair is changed again!)

 I finally get word that an agency in Beijing would help me out.  Now, this was the last place I wanted to model.  And at first I wasn't pleased at all with the news.  And so a week shy of July 1,  I'm packing up my room for my sublet moving in, and in tears freaking out because I do not know where I am going to live the next week. I was  having second thoughts and wondering if I should move to Europe instead or move out of Queens to Manhattan. Well, a move to Europe in 7 days would be a little much and I just couldn't stand the thought of being in New York for another two months and giving up something I wanted so badly.  

I honestly think I was trying to talk myself out of doing what I've dreamed of doing for so long.  

And after hearing some people's good experiences with Beijing and looking up the modeling agency that seems really great, the idea was starting to grow on me. And finally one night a few days later, friends from out of town who travel a lot took me out to a lovely dinner in the West Village.  At dinner they announced that they had decided they were going to coerce me into buying a ticket to Beijing by getting a bottle of wine, taking it with us to the Hudson River and getting me drunk.  

Yes people. I bought my ticket to China when I was drunk. I hope my mom isn't reading this! Are you proud? ;) But honestly, it needed to be done and if red wine was the only thing that was going to help me make that final decision then so be it!

And I'm SCARED!! But not so much scared of being in China. I'm scared that I will totally fail.  I'm scared I won't book one job. 

But I figure the worst case scenario would be that I don't book anything. And I come back home to New York with an empty bank account and have to (gasp) resort to cocktail serving or bartending.   

And if all else fails at least I can say I SAW THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!!!!!!!