Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Year, A New Reel

Shortly after my previous, "I'm depressed. I need sun. Get me the hell out of the freezing cold" post, I ended up getting a ticket home on the morning of New Year's Eve. It couldn't have been a more stereotypical Southern California winter; a consistent sunny 70 degrees the entire two weeks I was visiting. Ah bliss! Thank you God. Its exactly what I needed.

And while I was in town I put this together:

Shooting my new reel, auditioning for The Struggling Actress  for her awesome upcoming webseries, and spending time with the people of my LA talent agency Synergy Talent,  made me take a step back and reflect upon why I wasn't giving acting 100%. I've spent so much of my focus on my modeling career and other things that I'm sure are not that important in the long run, that what I truly am passionate about took the back burner this past year.  Surrounding myself with people on this trip who are actively pursuing the entertainment business has given me  a new perspective on how I want to focus my energy for 2010.

My trip was also filled with many good friends (I couldn't even fit everyone I wanted to see in my schedule!) , a sunset on the beach,wine tasting in Malibu, a few fight classes in the park and a lot of driving! Its safe to assume that I am feeling more than refreshed!

I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year!!!