Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Year, A New Reel

Shortly after my previous, "I'm depressed. I need sun. Get me the hell out of the freezing cold" post, I ended up getting a ticket home on the morning of New Year's Eve. It couldn't have been a more stereotypical Southern California winter; a consistent sunny 70 degrees the entire two weeks I was visiting. Ah bliss! Thank you God. Its exactly what I needed.

And while I was in town I put this together:

Shooting my new reel, auditioning for The Struggling Actress  for her awesome upcoming webseries, and spending time with the people of my LA talent agency Synergy Talent,  made me take a step back and reflect upon why I wasn't giving acting 100%. I've spent so much of my focus on my modeling career and other things that I'm sure are not that important in the long run, that what I truly am passionate about took the back burner this past year.  Surrounding myself with people on this trip who are actively pursuing the entertainment business has given me  a new perspective on how I want to focus my energy for 2010.

My trip was also filled with many good friends (I couldn't even fit everyone I wanted to see in my schedule!) , a sunset on the beach,wine tasting in Malibu, a few fight classes in the park and a lot of driving! Its safe to assume that I am feeling more than refreshed!

I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year!!!


  1. I think you left just in time. This weeks they we'll have rain rain rain. Good luck with your plans this year!

  2. :-) I'm so glad you blogged! Good luck with all of your goals this year---you can do it!

  3. Yep, you came and visited and then took the goddamn sunshine with you. I'm excited to see what's on the menu for you in the next few months, and while we will miss you in LA, if you are getting work in NYC then it's definitely the right move. Or stay. Whichever.

    PS that scene in your reel with the guy getting a drink...priceless! I adore it :)

  4. Great reel. My first reaction after viewing this is how much your performance reminds me of Evan Rachel Wood. Your intonation and delivery is strikingly similar to hers.

    I'm glad that you had a fun trip and that you are excited about the new year.

  5. love it! "where is that waiter!"