Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dreaming Of LA And Rainbows

I missed the rainbow that stretched across the sky in Hollywood several weeks ago.


 And when I think of my home in Los Angeles, this photo, captured by my friend Chip Latshaw, perfectly illustrates the romanticized vision of LA that I have frozen in my mind for the time being.

Now when I think of downtown LA and Skid Row in particular, I don't generally equate that part of town as being beautiful. In fact- rundown, dirty, sketchy- are a few words that cross my mind.  Yet, this photo is so beautiful and inspiring to me.  Thank you Chip for enlightening my mind to a whole new perspective! I think many true Californians can appreciate this photographed moment.

I am feeling sentimental, yes, as I miss my home in California more than anything.  I am disappointed that I did not move back as I had planned. What I really need is a change of environment and to escape the winter season for a bit. I lack a tremendous amount of inspiration which has been holding me back for the time being and keeping me from really "putting myself out there."

This blog entry is really just a way for me to kick myself in the ass and say, "Kristin! Get a Vitamin D tablet already and eat an orange!! Get over yourself and go play in the snow!" Yes, this season always proves every year to slow down work-wise no matter if I'm on the West Coast or the East Coast.  And every year I have to remind myself that I can't measure my self worth on how much or how little money I make.

And as I worry of missed opportunities in Los Angeles, I realize my reasons for staying in New York far outweigh the reasons for  going back to LA. I got a good start in New York this past year and worked more than I ever did in LA . I figure it can only get better from this point on. And like they say, "Tis greener on the other side." No matter where you are.

So here's a toast  (me holding up my imaginary champagne glass to all those reading this holding up imaginary champagne glasses) for those who feel similar this Holiday season, who wish it could just be over, or feel lonely, or missing someone, etc, or all of the above, to encourage us to embrace the season with Joy and the New Year with hopeful expectations and blessings.

And I am praying that Somewhere Over the Rainbow that "the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."

Or if I can just find a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, perhaps behind the Hollywood sign, that would work too.


  1. Hey Kristin!

    Thanks for the shout out. We miss you here in LA too. I think a lot of people go through a bit of the doldrums around this time of year. Its tough for people who are used to going full speed ahead to take some time, and slow down for a bit. Time away from work is important for creative people, even if its forced time away.

    You certainly have had a great year with your new bi-coastal lifestyle. You can be proud of the steps you've taken and where your journey has led you.

    I'm so happy our little skid row rainbow brightened up your day, and raise my glass (there's whiskey in mine) in return to your toast. "Behold a star, rising in the east and as you follow its light, may you continue to find adventure and joy along your path."

    Now, go play in the snow.

  2. This was an excellent post. I think this time of year always makes us really think. It's a time of quiet reflection, and so many people can relate to what you wrote in this post. I hope that you have a happy holiday season and take care.

  3. Sweetie - great post. We miss you here but we also support you and know you're gonna kick ass wherever you end up.

    Lots of love, hugs, imaginary champagne raised back at ya...

    and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  4. happy new year to you too! hope its the best one yet! just remember, LA will always be here. if things are going well for you right now in NY (which, btw, i'm really envious of! i love NY, let's trade???), be happy with that! you can always come back to LA. it's not going anywhere!

  5. Wow, great image. I want to be in LA right now.