Friday, November 6, 2009

Thurgood Marshall Front Row Fashion Show

Is this dress not GORGEOUS?!  Seriously. I was contemplating walking off the runway and slipping out the back door. Do you think anyone would have noticed? ;)

I recently walked for designer Angela Dean of DeanZign in the 4th Annual Thurgood Marshall Front Row Fashion Show.  This event has become one of the largest fashion shows in New York City that not only showcases the talents of emerging and established designers of color, but also celebrates icons who have influenced the fashion world with their style and commitment to their art.  With Sherri Shepherd hosting, honoree celebrities such as  Naomi Campbell in attendance, and a tribute to Michael Jackson, it was exciting to await backstage ready to walk down the runway.

Its also nice to run into a familiar face when working on jobs. I met model Jacob Thomas working my first NYC fashion show during Couture Fashion Week. I am wearing an outfit for Walmart, which got absolutely no media attention whatsoever. Why is that? Don't I make Walmart style look fashionable? :)

On the contrary, it was easy to find photos of myself online with DeanZign. When I walked onto the stage with this gorgeous creation, the audience applauded. And that felt wonderful!

And here I am WORKING it.


  1. Wow Kristen...I agree, the dress is amazing! I am so happy for you and everything that you are doing right now. It looks like you are really enjoying yourself!

  2. i meant to comment under this name instead. sorry. caramel cup was me.

  3. Hey, where does Walmart hide their glamourous fashion outfits? The lights really showcase your red hair too. Awesome!

    Love, Mom

  4. A Kristin post!!!! YAY!!

    To start, that dress is AWESOME. Purple is my very favorite color, so to see different shades of purple is enthralling. THEN, you look HOT! Great, great, great. I definitely would've contemplated running out of there while still wearing that dress...

    Plus, you managed to make Walmart clothing look non-Walmart, which is a quite a feat.

  5. Congratulations on walking in that show. It must be nerve racking to have celebrities out in the audience like that.