Tuesday, October 27, 2009

L'Oreal Seattle and Los Angeles

I finished up the L'Oreal West Coast Tour last week, ending in Los Angeles. The company generously extended my plane ticket date and I had an amazing additional week visiting and reconnecting with good friends. I have missed California so much!

Modeling these three shows with Lauren and Nikita has been an incredible experience and I am truly thankful for these two new friends. I'm looking forward to working with them on upcoming projects and hopefully L'Oreal again at some point (Paris maybe?) And fingers are crossed. 

So does this mean I don't get to have my hair touched up every two weeks anymore? Well, that's a bummer! :)

My first time in Seattle!! What a beautiful city. 

On top of the Space Needle

Los Angeles
With our beautiful show director Maya
Our Asian hand signals 1, 2, 5!  At a restaurant in Venice Beach

And of course a video of our Los Angeles experience!


  1. Great video. I think the part where you all are singing in the car is the best. I've only been to Seattle once and I really liked it. It was over the summer so the weather was perfect.

  2. Yay! A Kristin blog! I think L'Oreal needs you for a Paris show, and they also need........ME. Give me 2 months notice--I'll lose 15 lbs, and let them chop my hair. That's settled.

  3. C&O's!!! I think I saw you there right before you moved!!! MMMM Garlic Poofs!!!

  4. Awesome... I love reading all about your "glamorous" model life, you pretty girl!