Monday, March 1, 2010

My Little Tribute to NY Fashion Week

So here is my little tribute to the 2010 New York Fall Fashion Week. I was going to choose two or three looks that I need to somehow recreate with Forever 21 or H&M clothing (or buy from the designer if I do in fact reach my New Years Goal of 5 million $$. Hey you never know!) But, I of course would have to narrow my choices down which would take me all night, so I decided instead to pull every photo off the Mercedes-Benz website that caught my eye.  So bear with me....

 Cute clothes, more stockings and thigh-high socks. Oh I'm SO excited.  Even more excited than when it suddenly became okay to mix brown and black and then gold and silver.  Seriously though.... it used to be so annoying when those "rules" were in existence.  My former roommate (you know who you are!!  ;) Would say to me, "Seriously Kristin. You cannot wear those brown boots with that sweater." Well, now I can. HA! And now I can wear thigh-high socks with heels so THERE!

I spent some time at the tents at Bryant Park this year, which I'm so thankful I did since it was the last year Fashion Week will be held there. (Now that's just weird).  Tommy Hilfiger was the very last to show his collection. I also got to see Tibi. It was so inspiring just to be around the craze of Fashion Week, and watching these shows live put a permanent smile on my face the entire week. I'm SO grateful to be a part of this industry. I may not be at the status of these models, but every designer I work with and every photo I take exhilarates me to no end. I LOVE being a model in NYC. And I enjoy and admire the people I work with, and who I aspire to work with. Amazing and talented and beautiful people!!  Standing there absorbing everything around me confirmed this even more.

I can't wait to post the photos from the shows I worked. I walked for some really awesome designers.  Next post!

Ok now I have to give credit to the designers whose clothing I'm showcasing :).....

In not the correct order at all....

Anyone want to go shopping???


  1. Awesome!! I love that you're out there, living the life! You rock!!

  2. can't wait to see what you wore when you walked! ooo!!!!

  3. What? Which former roommate?? ;-) At that time though, I was saving you from yourself, so you have to love me. NOW, the black-and-brown, gray-and-brown rules are a thing of the past, and I'm happy about it too!

    Love this post, want the clothes, thrilled that you're living it.

  4. I've never really paid attention to models, and the whole skinny/anorexic thing-- but seeing this post, wow -- the girls are really skinny. I suddenly understand the hundreds of girls I've known who've had major self-esteem weight issues; way to go modelling industry!

  5. Lol - I love your blog! You've got a great writing style - it's really witty. Nice layout too.

    Thanks for following my blog - I look forward to reading more.


  6. You sound so excited. I'm happy for you.

  7. Me. I want to go shopping. Pick me.

    Only I go shopping, buy awesome clothes, then go home...and wear the same old stuff I always wear.


  8. Love all of these looks, and what an amazing experience to have walked! I would love to speak with you about your backstage experience.

  9. Adorable looks!! That's amazing to have walked on the runway!! I'm sure you loved it!! Adore your blog!!

  10. Ahh! ALL LOVELY! I'm sure you rocked the clothes you walked in :) I wish I had oodles of money so I could buy it all!!! Thanks for the sweet comments. And yes, if you find the cat print dress, grab it for me! I will send money + cupcakes + lotsa happiness your way (although the latter I do anyway;)