Thursday, October 28, 2010

You Should Know Darryl Jagga

If you don't know Darryl Jagga, you will. And you should! Aside from the fact that I will continue talking about him (and shamelessly promoting myself in his beautiful dresses on this blog), his talent has been recently spotted on celebrities and the fashion world is taking note.

And its no wonder. His dresses are designed for everyday wear, but with a chic and sophisticated style. I wear his dresses on the streets of New York  and never have I once spent a day or evening without receiving several compliments about how gorgeous my dress is and how wonderfully it fits me.  Thank you Darryl Jagga...

Here is a behind the scenes compilation of a recent photo shoot I did with another lovely model for his 43.46 Aggaj line: 

 Later that day on my way home, I stopped to browse at a popular store in Manhattan and spotted one of his dresses. I was SO excited to see them on the rack that I texted him a photo (as if he didn't already know!)

And here's a flashback of me wearing his dresses in his fall 2010 runway show:

And just the other night I went to see my friend and fashionista Lauren Reeves, hostess of the popular, perform at an improv show at the Magnet Theater.  She was wearing Darryl Jagga. She had no idea she was wearing the dress of the designer I always tell her about.  She simply discovered the dress at the same popular store where I had seen it displayed earlier that week. And this makes me happy! And doesn't she look lovely in that fantastic purple dress?

Its awesome to see a designer you admire, not only as a talent, but as a truly good-hearted human being, start to rise to the top.  And its especially awesome when you are one of his models :) 


  1. Sweet! I can't wait to check out his clothes! And darling, you look gorgeous in them :)

  2. Hey, so Christmas is coming up. I loved that dress from the picture from his runway show you were in.. ;-)

  3. Ooh, I want to wear a Jagga! Those dresses are super pretty!