Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Was Supposed To Be My Halloween Post....

I'm pretty boring when it comes to Halloween. I'd rather be working, and if I'm not, you may find me (sort of) getting into the fall holiday spirit by throwing on hair extensions and calling myself, "the girl with long hair." This year, I put on a black dress and red boots and called myself "the assassin in disguise" (Creative yes I know). And at least I impressed the handsome guy who asked if he could borrow my dress to wear to a local lesbian bar. At which I laughed awkwardly saying that I couldn't because, well, I'd be naked and besides... you're not a lesbian. To his reply, "Girl, I am WORKING on it!!"

I heart NYC. 

And if you live in NYC, you're bombarded with at least a full week of celebration for any holiday. Which is annoying to me to say the least because I hate parades and streets full of drunken idiots (especially drunken idiots in costume... that's the worst!) But this year, I happened to partake in three days of celebration for a holiday I feel pretty impartial about. Go figure!

A nice dinner with friends and a small Halloween party at someone's apartment was one night (which is totally my style). Another night was a party with a bunch of improvisers that lasted until the sun had risen (is it 7 am?! Really?!!!)

And then there was a night with Patrick Walsh. 

Patrick is my friend who I always somehow end up in bizarre situations with. He is also the creator of the podcast ScreamQueenz

So we venture out to a Haunted House- a Haunted House put on by a theatre company, that made me sign a waiver warning me in writing that I will be touched and may encounter violent and sexual situations (Okay? Maybe this isn't a good idea?). 

Well, let me summarize how it was by what I screamed right after the bizarre experience.

"PATRICK!!!!!! That was NOT scary at all. That was just plain CREEPY!!! There were NAKED (and I mean completely naked) zombie like people trying to have a THREESOME with me. They were FIGHTING over me and RUBBING UP against me and some freak girl licked my boot and was caressing my neck and those actors better be getting paid a WHOLE LOT!! I thought I'd see projections of sexual and violent situations NOT BE A PART OF IT!!!!"

And if you're interested in hearing a very detailed account, go to episode 14 where I guest star and help him remember the night I'm trying to forget ;)

And speaking of "bizarre" situations, here's a photo of Patrick and I posing with an actor after a hilarious play that took a shockingly unexpected turn (actors dancing around in dildos). What you can't see is that the actor is still wearing a 4 foot dildo (thanks to the apparently conservative foreign man who didn't think I'd want that in my photo... seriously? Why else would we take a picture?!)

But is it any surprise that my time with Patrick is always a little bizarre? I mean, after all, he is the creator of ScreamQueenz. And that's a pretty interesting genre of podcasts to say the least ;) Don't you think?

Hope everyone else had a wonderful and eventful Halloween!!

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  1. Oh wow, what a Halloween! I need to go up to NYC and check it out for myself. Not alone though, not sure if I'd be good with going into that haunted sexytime house without my friends taping the expression of pure horror I'd undoubtedly have on my face ;)