Saturday, August 25, 2012


Bonjour à Paris! My home for almost 3 months.

Clearly living in Los Angeles didn't inspire me to make an appearance on my ever so neglected blog, hence my year and a half absence. Thankfully, Paris does.

And can you blame me?! Around every corner is an art gallery, a church or some other architecturally magnificent building constructed centuries ago, a new exhibit every 3.5 seconds for EVERYTHING (I'm not exaggerating) and every person I meet is in a creative field or pursuing an artistic endeavor.  

And did I mention I live in Montmarte?! Living in Monmarte is like living in a scene from the film Midnight in Paris (For real! See below the cobblestone streets!) 

Right now I am living in a dream. Please don't wake me up.

City of the Sacred Heart

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur 
Montmartre's local vineyard


  1. You sound happy, Kristin. And you are clearly living in a beautiful place. Take care and have a very happy holiday season. - Des

  2. Living in Paris is a dream come true. I hope you have many more great experiences there. Thanks for sharing these photos with us!