Friday, August 28, 2009

L'Oreal Booking (and a brief history of my hair)

What will I look like with coppertone- reddish hair and fringe bangs? 

The fate of my next hairstyle is left in the hands of the L'Oreal styling team. I suppose a change would be good. I'm not really crazy about my current style and have been indecisive about whether to go back to my chic Victoria Beckham hairstyle, or grow my hair out long like it used to be before I chopped it all off.

Red hair and bangs is definitely not what I had in mind, but let it be done!

The best part is I get to travel to Washington and then California twice. The last show is in Irvine, CA mid October. I was hoping to visit Los Angeles around that time anyway so it will be perfect. I'm going to ask if I can change my plane ticket for a later date. Paid trip to visit home. Awesome! 

Now a trip down memory lane....

 Personally, I think the cut on the left at that exact length in that photo works best with the shape of my face. It just sucks because every time I try to match that style some hairdresser messes it up. Not even Tony and Guy can get it right! 

And then my long hair (sigh my long hair).... I miss it. Long hair completely changes my look, but I feel like it matches who I am on the inside. And as I'm saying this I realize how ridiculous that sounds. Why is hairstyle such  a big identity issue with women? Or maybe just with me? Or maybe with actors and models because then we have to change ALL our photos. Or maybe I'm just vain. Maybe I just need a change. Maybe I should just shut up and eat chocolate.  
Yes I will do that now.



  1. I dunno...kinda digging the shorter hair... but you're damn hot either way, girl.

  2. We are emotionally attached to our hair, as we're taught that long hair is feminine. When I hair model, if I'm going to go short, I know I better be ready for it! And it's fun to see how a different hairstyle seems like a new personality to live up to.
    But hey, we're beautiful girls on the inside, so the outside will always look even more fabulous!

  3. I can totally relate to the longing for the long hair.. I crave/yearn/beg for my hair to grow longer.. especially for my wedding! So, I totally understand. But red with bangs.. HOT!!! Super cute! I love rocking the red hair, and you will be beautiful with it. Very exotic!!! No fear, lovely.