Sunday, August 9, 2009

My One Wish

It was an absolutely beautiful summer day on Saturday, and a good friend and I were sitting on an outside patio in Hell's Kitchen drinking Sangria. Out of the blue she suddenly asks,

"If you had one wish what would it be? And make it good because you only get one."

It was too easy. Without thinking much about it I blurted out, 

"I wish my wonderful and gorgeous future husband would walk right up to me now and offer me a part in his movie because he is a successful producer and makes a bunch of awesome films, and we will start a production company together and travel the world filming and acting in them and we will have a place in New York and a house on the beach in Marina Del Rey (or maybe Hollywood Hills) and I will see my Bebe  billboard ad on the Beverly Center when I'm driving up La Cienega in Beverly Hills."

Well at least I know what I want. 

If you know any men that fit that description or know someone who can get me into a Bebe ad, by all means, please let me know!


  1. I think you still need to be more specific. Especially, for instance, his height. Cause what if this guy is a 64 year old 4'9 divorcee?

    and if you want, online dating is a great way to go. I speak from personal experience.

  2. this is a good wish... man, I woulda fucked that one up and been like, "I dunno, for solar housing to actually work?"