Friday, September 11, 2009

I Need A Vacation!!!! But I Had A Perfect Birthday :)

Can I tell you how utterly uninspired I have been for the past several weeks? So much so that I cannot motivate myself to get on to my computer and write out a blog entry. I need a vacation. BADLY. I have found that people living in NYC need to get away more often. Everything is so intense- the work, the night life, and never having "alone time" away from crowds that are within 10 feet of you constantly.  I feel like I need lots of little breaks to keep myself refreshed but I feel I haven't been able to get away. And no, going to LA is NOT a vacation. I want to take a cruise near the Mediterranean or Asia. Or perhaps a trip to Brazil or Costa Rica or... I could go on and on. I'm looking to get away end of December or January. I figure that is perfect because I rarely book much work at that time. 

And now, I write this blog entry because I get free wi-fi on my flight to San Francisco  (how awesome is that?) So I figure I'll make the most of my in- flight wi-fi experience and force myself to write. I'm feeling better already!

I blame some of my lack of enthusiasm on my recent birthday. Every year it seems I get unmotivated and overly critical of myself. Its like I get depressed because another year has gone by and I still don't feel a sense of accomplishment. I guess that's what happens when I want and expect, well, EVERYTHING! And nothing has turned out perfectly the way I want it to. I suppose that's just the Virgo in me...

So its a good thing I have good friends that don't let me stay in my room and mope on my birthday and don't go along with my "I don't care if I do anything on my birthday this year..." attitude. 

I have friends who came to support me in my first Improv show at The PIT. I took a class and we had our graduating performance on my birthday. 

Here is a photo of me in class practicing improvisation

And then, I spent the remainder of my birthday on a rooftop with my closest friends in NYC. Look at this view! Amazing. Its just another reminder of how much I appreciate this city. And it inspired me a bit too :) 

A performance and a rooftop celebration. Just another typical day in NYC. And for me it was the perfect birthday. 


  1. A healthy, up-looking attitude actually, all in all considered. You will go far, my dear Kristin.

  2. Looks glorious happy birthday!


  3. So jealous...I want to be on that rooftop with you!!