Saturday, August 28, 2010

All This Marriage Talk Makes Me Want To Eat Nutella

If you've been wondering what I've been up to on the other side of the world....

Well, its official. I moved to China, met the man of my dreams and got hitched.

Ha! As if there is a man that exists at the moment who can actually hold my attention for longer than 10 minutes.  If so, can you send him my way? So no worries, boys. Compose yourselves.  This hot commodity is still on the market.

In other news....

I shot an editorial for a Chinese bridal magazine.  After asking my agency a few times to push me for some type of magazine job, I was surprised to hear they actually did.

Oh but can we say a bit frustrating? The thing about some Chinese clients (and I was warned) is that they have little imagination.  I was given a sheet of poses they wanted me to copy. And I mean EXACTLY.  

I was allowed to smile only one way (see above), and my individual poses consisted of hands at my side or one hand on my hip.  No matter that I know what poses look good with my body and face and I know how to make the dresses look best on me. Nope. Stick to the sheet! All I could think was, "Omg this going to be the most boring editorial ever!"I slipped in a few sensual hand positions to my face because I'm a rebel like that, but for the most part I had to focus on remaining still while not feeling completely stiff.  

At one point, they were getting frustrated at me for not getting my hand positioned correctly. Umm... hello? You want me to position my right hand to show off the wedding ring even though the model on the sheet is modeling her left hand. First of all, that's why its not working. Second, you guys wear the wedding band on the right hand? This is what I was trying to explain and inquire from the clients who couldn't speak English. 

But then again these moments are what make all this an adventure and like all us models say, "Its China. Whatever!"

But enough about my fake marriage. 

My little sister is getting married!!! (For real I promise). Aren't they adorable? (And yes I know they look like they are fresh out of high school.... but I assure you they are not.)

And he's amazing. He'll make a good addition to our family!

Congratulations to Janna and Kevin!


  1. congrats to your sister!! your photos are lovely! :)

  2. Aww thanks for the shout out! ANd I love you bridal pictures! I want some excatly like it, lol! Maybe I'll slip in some sensual hand positions to my face, hahah!!

  3. Aww congrats to your sister and future brother in law!!

  4. I love it... You are doing it out there girl!!! ;-) I am so happy and proud of you.. Congrats to Janna and her hubby to be as well... ;-)

  5. Congrats to your sister!
    Uh, that guy in your editorial photo? He's super cute! He needs to come to America, preferably the southern California area... ;)

  6. Being a professional, I'm sure it's annoying to you when someone doesn't let you do your job. That being said, the photo turned out great.