Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashion Shoot in Beijing

I was warned about shooting fashion photos in Beijing. The photographers, as talented as they are, tend to shoot photos that aren't taken seriously in the major markets like New York and Europe; photos that tend to be "magical" or "whimsical" with too much makeup and crazy wigs and way too much photoshop.  

And its true. Most of the photos from the shoot, as interesting as they are, I cannot use for my portfolio. For example, at one point during the photo shoot I was in a sexy cave woman like outfit holding a stake in one hand in a pig's heart in the other.

Yes people. A PIG'S HEART. This was after some protest on my part and somehow it still ended up in my hand. And like I find myself recently saying often in instances like this... Only in China. 

Yet, as with many test shoots, you shoot enough and you tend to get at least a few usable photos. And actually I think these turned out quite amazing and I'm happy that I'll be leaving China with these in my book.  My current book is so commercial and these will give it a fresh fashionable turn.  

And can I just say this dog was awesome?! She was so goofy and kept trying to upstage me in every photo.  As you can see.... she almost succeeded! 


  1. Those are cool shots! I can't even tell you how proud I am of your and your summer of Asia. Even if you didn't end up with many portfolio shots you'll finis with great experiences and when you look back at the portfolio of your life. you'll find that its all very usable.

    a pigs heart? Seriously? haha! I hope I see you again Kristin Quinn.

  2. those are seriously cool pictures...oh emm gee on the pig's heart though lady. yikes.


  3. HOT.

    Um, a pig's heart? Not so much...

  4. gorgeous photos!! i love them!!!

  5. Drop dead sexy photos! I wouldn't like the pig's heart either, ick.

  6. These photos are excellent.