Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chiseled Men And Street Fights In Brooklyn

I started my day off with an interview at Hollister clothing store. My friend recruits the models and told me to go in to interview. I got lost in a sea of chiseled guys and girls looking like they were ready for a beach party. I mean, I couldn't believe how many employees this store had on the clock! I guess if I were a customer and I had a difficult time choosing which color shirt looked better on me I could say, "Hey pretty boys, let's vote! 24 for green and 12 for blue. That was easy!" 

So I have no idea whether I will get the job or not. The pay is quite decent and the hours flexible, but I'm not really feeling the atmosphere. If they choose me great! Then I'll give it a go. Either way I am going to go back and get me a bikini. SO CUTE!!

And then, I got to head on down to Brooklyn and shoot a short film involving a fight sequence. Very fun!! And challenging. I shot with an actor visiting from Spain who is involved with martial arts and  teaches fight choreography.  It made me realize how much I miss Krav Maga.I felt like a bad ass.  If it turns out well, and I think it will, I'll post it in a few weeks. 

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  1. You ARE a bad-ass! And I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the Hollister job...and that once you get it, you don't spend your paychecks on cute discounted clothing.