Monday, July 20, 2009

Is That Me On The Billboard?!!

My face popped up on a billboard the other day in the San Francisco area.

My friend  text me saying she thought she had seen me on a billboard. I told her it must be my twin. You see, I have this "twin" who works constantly. I have seen her in magazines. My mom had accused me once of not telling her I was in some type of national hair product commercial. I remember in my early teens seeing this girl on a commercial and she was the spitting image of me.  My twin gets all those gigs that I want.

I hate her. 

Actually, I'll just steal her tear sheets for a month or so and book me a campaign.  And then she'll be my biggest fan. Sound good?!

But the face on the billboard is mine this time. It must be from a stock photo shoot from forever ago. And I think its kinda cool :)

Maybe some day my photo will pop up again on a billboard advertising Valtrex. But let's hope not!!!


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